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Mark, Fritz and staff are great and responsive to needs. I know there is a lot of paper shoveling but it seems unnecessary these days to have all of it. It would be nice to have each policy with a short statement policy number, phone number. It gets overwhelming with all the paperwork.

Todd Richter

I have been extremely happy and grateful for the help of Affluence Insurance. They cover insurance on my three properties and have helped me through the damage of Hurricane Harvey. Fritz and Mark were there for me.

Kay McGuire

I have had the best experience using the Affluence Insurance Services, they were courteous, knew what to get me for insurance, got me some great prices and answered my every question. I would recommend them to anyone who is need of insurance.

Jack Juarez

I have had superior service from this company - always responsive immediately and when I had a claim, they took care of it so I had no worries. That is why I have insurance but not all companies are like Affluence Insurance Services--they are tip top.

Caron Lopez

Poor Service at the office level. If you want to feel like your business is not valued, this is the agency for you. I have been with this agency for a few years, and every time I've had to have an interaction with Mark, it's as if my business doesn't matter to him. Multiple policy mistakes were made over the years and any time this was brought up, I was treated like some sort of "problem customer". Finally, this year at renewal time I decided to cut ties and move on. Again, if you want to be unvalued then this is the agency for you.

David S.

I am quite happy to give the first review for Affluence Insurance Services. These folks have taken care of all of my family's insurance needs for many years. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable and very prompt in answering all of my questions and concerns. They go out of their way to make everything as easy and convenient for me as possible. After years in the finance and insurance industries, Mark uses his expertise to help me make the best decisions, and to get us coverage for the best price.

Nancy Wilson

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